“The RESULTS you achieve will be in direct proportion to the EFFORT you apply.” – Denis Waitley


“I love that simplebeliever is really so simple. I don’t think God intended his Word, his grace, his message to be difficult and yet so many times it is just that–difficult. I love that you take the members of SB back to the simplicity of it all, which shows the power of it.”

— Sue Turner Erickson

Justin, you will be amazed at what is happening in me, I know I am. What I am learning about The Blood and The Cross is changing me, literally. A peace and a confidence, and sharing this with others. I’ve been sharing with others in my life the power of the Blood. And praying with them in bold confidence that our God IS for us, He gave the blood of His Son for us. I’m loving this study opportunity . Thank you so much!”

  — Pam Carter

“I applaud what you’ve done with this program. it’s changed so many perspectives of my life! my thinking it’s so different now, I see Life For What it truly should be I see It with a meaning, a purpose, I thank our Lord and savior Jesus Christ for guiding me to sign up to your amazing program. God bless you and bless all the people that this program will truly touch, teach, and give endless happiness to!!! thank you!!!!

  — Edwin Hernandez

“Justin’s teachings and teaching style helped me soften my view of what God’s love is and how He loves me. For years, I had a coarse view of who God is and how I always was working to qualify to be loved by him. I’ve since begun to grasp a very different view. While I am still “in-process”, I know that God’s love is something that very real, an unconditional. Because of this, I’m learning to tangibly love different; how I love my wife, my kids, friends, etc. No matter how long someone has been saved, they can always grow in their walk with God. The older I get, the more I understand that we’re all a “work-in-process” from the day we’re saved to the day we meet Him face to face. I’ve grown to love the journey that God has placed me in!”

Ryan Bergeron

“Growing up in church you tend to learn the ins and outs of religion. We learn the church lingo and sometimes we are fed so much we don’t know how to search on our own and/or understand the depth of Gods word for ourselves. For me, I did most of what I did because its just “ what we do”. I knew there was more and I wanted to  know more and take my relationship with God from just hearing sermons at church to God I want you to open my eyes to your word even in my personal time with you. Justin Kane gave me material that would help me get on this path of searching. He showed me how to properly search Gods word and not just for knowledge but how to put it in practice. He was able to elaborate and break down the Word in a way I can understand.  If you want to go deeper in your walk with God and get a better grasp on the Word, I highly recommend SimpleBeliever Program.”

Michelle Torres

“Hearing your teachings has increased my faith and seeing what God can do in a person who wants to be used by Him. Carol and I learned so much from your wonderful teachings and you continue to inspire everyone who is blessed to be able to hear you preach and teach.”

Lou Gonzalez

“Justin has impacted my life in such an amazing way!  A few key things Justin has helped me with include renewing my mind, confessing God’s Word, witnessing, family worship, and the list could go on.  I am now able to see who I am in Christ.  Justin introduced me to family worship, a concept I had never heard of before.  He presented it in a way that I knew my family would benefit from and would be easy to follow.  We have been doing family worship for about two years and will continue to do so.  It has been a tremendous blessing and helped our family grow in Christ. If you want to grow spiritually and soar to greater heights and a deeper level, Justin will help get you there! Things just make sense when he explains it.  His messages are simple, empowering and life changing.  I highly recommend what he has to share and offer.”

Jayme Walker

“I am grateful to recognize a man that walks in integrity each and every day. Justin lives his life according to the scriptures which is EXTREMELY difficult to find in a time of compromise in order to “FIT IN”. Justin was taught and mentored by the best Men of God in the World with great humility he has blossomed to a man that I respect, honor, and think of daily for GODLY wisdom. He leads his household as the word of God displays for Fathers to do. He is loving, kind, respectful, humble, and most of ALL he is a GIVER!!!! Justin Kane has character and if you can find a person that him it’ll be such a benefit to everything you do….. My wife wouldn’t be quite the woman she is today if it weren’t for the relationship we have with Justin and Sara Kane.”

Jim Fico

“I have learned a great deal from Justin Kane. Being from another culture, I had some learning to do about how to be a witness for Jesus here in America… God answered by prayer by sending Justin to me. His devotion, boldness and use of the scriptures while ministering to students, waiters, waitresses and a variety of people from all walk of life were very spiritually inspiring and contagious. Simple believer is to a new Christian or even a season Christian what good food, nutritional foods are to a baby. This program will help you grow spiritually and help you become a mature followers of Jesus.”

Diony Victorin

“Over the last several years I’ve had the privilege of listening to Justin Kane. His teaching style is practical…making the Word of God and God’s promises “attainable” by merely explaining how we can do things in the natural to produce great spiritual results. I’ve applied the teachings on meditation on the Word of God and scripture memory and have seen results in my own life. Based on what I’ve experienced, I’d recommend this ministry to anyone who wants to strengthen their spiritual walk.”

Ana Luisa Martinez

“Encountering Justin Kane will leave you with a righteous jealousy of his walk with God…the man knows God! However, Justin’s desire is not for you to be enamored with Justin Kane, but for you to step into that place that God has for you. Justin has provoked and challenged me in my pursuit of God without condemning me. He knows how to take the ambiguity out of it, and bring it into the practical and the attainable. I have grown in memorizing and meditating on Scripture and in accessing the presence of God and answers from heaven with journaling and prayer. Hearing from God and intimacy with God has become necessity to me, not just a notion for God’s elite. If you want to get out of comfort zone Christianity and begin walking in the fullness of what God has intended for you, Simple Believer is for you!”

Amy Lambert

“In 2009 Justin began pursuing memorization of entire books of the Bible and encouraged me and several other to do the same! Around this time he also introduced having family worship with our kids and spouses outside of church. The results were immediate and amazing in both pursuits. For the first time because of memorizing an entire book I was put in a position to where I had to meditate and focus on every word with in a verse and chapter. This helped me understand in context what was written, increased my hunger for Gods word, gave me confidence to go after memorization of any book in the Bible. Family worship has been beneficial as well because it creates a memory for my children to see that Pursuing the things of God is more than just church and that as a family we value the word of God and His presence!! It’s also very fun. Yes. I’ve personally watched God transform Justin’s life over the past 12 years. His discipline and consistent study of Gods word has given him rare understanding in many areas of life. I’m excited about simple believer and it’s affect that it will have on the world!”

Lavell Griffin

“I’ve known Justin Kane very well for 20 years. His leadership skills and knowledge of the Bible have helped me considerably over the years. I am always challenged as well as encouraged when I am with him. I always leave one of our visits knowing that I have grown a bit more in my walk with God. I am super excited for Simple Believer. I know that it will be an incredible tool that will help me and thousands of others to grow in the Lord.”

Tony Simon

“I think one of the best ways Justin and SimpleBeliever has helped me is by helping me to actually help myself. The way Justin has given me good questions to ask myself… There’s power in that, it makes me evaluate the situation and go back to the word rather than just giving his opinion. I think it strengthens me as a believer and strengthens my decision making process for future battles… I would ABSOLUTELY recommend SB to anyone looking to grow more!”

Ryan Zirbes

“Justin Kane and his teaching has been huge in my development and growth as a believer.  I have seen him mentor many and have seen monumental growth in those individuals.  Simple believer is a tool that will equip believers in a practical way to grow personally in their faith and disciple others.  I’m fully confident this program will change your life!”

Roger Powell

“I would wholeheartedly recommend SimpleBeliever. It helped me to think about how I could have a better attitude and put others before myself. Also to think more humbly and to trust in the word on issues that are important.”

Pete Plante

“You help me through a lot of things Justin I am truly grateful for you thank you for investing the time in me”

Andy Studer

“Justin has mentored me for some years now and the wisdom he has imparted into my life has been instrumental in my growth as a young christian man. He has challenged me in every area of my life with practical advice and keys in how to live with purpose. He has taught me how important it is to meditate and confess scripture over my life and over my circumstances. My walk with God changed once I understood the power of confession and believing what God says in His Word.  From pushing me to grow my faith, to raise my expectations and to constantly become a better man, Justin has a way of teaching things that are easy to understand but yet powerful enough to impact your life in a tremendous way. I would recommend Simple Believer to anyone who is looking for practical ways to grow in their walk with God and to increase their understanding of scripture.”

Daniel Geraci

“As I think about the influence that Justin Kane has had on my life, there are so many things that come to my mind as I reflect. One of the biggest things that Justin has encouraged me about in my life is a time of daily devotion with my family. I cannot say enough about how important this has become to us as a family. When all of the affairs of life are swirling around and you’re being pulled back and forth in every direction; getting your family together to focus on the things that really matter, and engaging one another in the Scriptures has produced a lasting bond for us… Since I have known him, he has always been an example of strength and commitment and has always spoke to me truthfully. Justin’s ability to teach from the Bible in a practical easy to understand way is definitely a gift. He has taken topics that I’ve had trouble with in the past and presented them in a way that even the simplest believer can understand. Thanks to you Justin Kane for encouraging me to walk closer with God”

Dino White

“Justin Kane has been a huge help to me in my walk as a believer. The benefits I’ve gotten from his teachings are life changing. His simplistic teaching style infused with wisdom of God is remarkable. More specifically, his report of “who you are In Christ” has challenged me to walk differently; demanding a huge perspective change in my mind. I would absolutely recommend his work to anyone who is serious about growing spiritually. If taken seriously, a better understanding of the Word of God and a New authority is certain!”

Isaiah Davis

I can honestly say the greatest gift Justin has brought to my life is helping me understand complicated truths in order to help me grow. He has helped me simplify action steps I can take to break bad habits and toxic mindsets and he’s also inspired me to dream and to believe in what God has called me to do with my life. If you ever have the privilege of crossing paths with Justin, your life will never forget the impact he makes and the change he brings for the better.”

Erin Lashley

Justin Kane has a unique gift of being able to break down the complexity of spiritual growth into simple and practical steps. I had always known the importance of confession of God’s Word and memorizing scripture, but I thought those who actually memorized books of the Bible must have photographic minds. Justin showed me that was not the case. He gave me a method to memorize God’s word in easy and practical steps and in only 1 week I memorized 40 scriptures. Over the course of my relationship with Justin, I have experienced spiritual growth in my prayer life, leading my family, and in the study of God’s Word. If you desire spiritual growth, I would highly recommend the Simplebeliever program. Simple Believer will give you a path to run on….”

Jim Lambert

There are 2 Membership Levels –

STANDARD Level  $10 p/month

Access to…

  • a weekly content drip of course when unlocked.
  • all bonus downloads.
  • weekly devotional
  • closed FB group. (I Am A SimpleBeliever)
  • monthly access to Justin Kane (via FB)

GOLD Level  $20 p/month

Access to…

  • entire course when unlocked.
  • all bonus downloads.
  • weekly devotional
  • closed FB group. (I Am A SimpleBeliever)
  • monthly access to Justin Kane (via FB)

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