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Let me start off by saying…

You are DESTINED for great things! I hope you believe that.

But please don’t wait another minute to get started… (except to read my sales pitch :))

Listen to these amazing testimonies!!!!


Netflix – $10.99 p/month (little value)

Spotify – $9.99 p/month (little value)

Pandora – $4.99 p/month (little value)

Cable – $69 p/month (NO value)

Cell – $99 p/month (necessary value)


Listen to these words,

“…Spend your time and energy in training yourself for spiritual fitness. Physical exercise has some value, but spiritual exercise is much more important, for it promises a reward in both this life and the next.” – 1Tim. 4:7-8 (NLT)

In a nutshell, Simplebeliever is a monthly membership that WILL help you GROW in your relationship with God. Plain and simple.

If you desire to LEARN God’s Word and gain a better understanding HOW to live it out on a daily basis, then you have come to the right place!

For too long, I have watched & observed many believers, both young and old, live with a high sense of FRUSTRATION & DISSAPOINTMENT in regards to their relationship with God. It has been difficult to see some of those who are closest to me not be able to enjoy a THRIVING relationship with God like they desire.

And so one year ago, I set out on a MISSION to play MY part in fixing this problem, which in all honesty could classify as an epidemic!  (maybe over dramatic, but really not)

“I applaud what you’ve done with this program. it’s changed so many perspectives of my life! my thinking it’s so different now, I see Life For What it truly should be I see It with a meaning, a purpose, I thank our Lord and savior Jesus Christ for guiding me to sign up to your amazing program. God bless you and bless all the people that this program will truly touch, teach, and give endless happiness to!!! thank you!!!!“ — Edwin Hernandez

Simplebeliever has some amazing BENEFITS

  • EQUIP you with the tools and knowledge you need to grow spiritually.
  • provide for you a PROVEN program to ensure you are on the right track.
  • ongoing guidance and mentoring.
  • over 50 free resources available 24/7
  • ACCESS to a private FB group “I Am A Simplebeliever”
  • ability to personally connect with Justin each month via FB live.
  • weekly devotional to encourage and inspire you.

For over 17 years, I have studied, researched and practiced DISCIPLESHIP and spiritual growth. Simplebeliever is a compilation of those years of study and research.

Our philosophy is really quite simple: Provide a program that is easy-to-understand and simple-to-apply.

Our tagline is this: Equipping you to run your race! is a online video based programed designed to help you STRENGTHEN your walk with God. It contains 12 core transformative courses for you to learn, share and enjoy each month and each week –

Course #1 – Transformed By The Gospel (month 1 / 16 lessons)
Course #2 – Developing Intimacy With God (month 2 / 14 lessons)
Course #3 – A Faith That Produces Results (month 3 / 28 lessons)
Course #4 – Unlock The Power Of God’s Word (month 4 / 21 lessons)
Course #5 – Knowing WHO You Are In Christ (month 5 / 21 lessons)
Course #6 – Prayer That Makes A Difference (month 6 / 14 lessons)
Course #7 – The Pursuit Of The Wisdom Of God (month 7 / 21 lessons)
Course #8 – Developing Godly Character (month 8 / 14 lessons)
Course #9 – Living With An Unstoppable Attitude (month 9 / 14 lessons)
Course #10 – The Power Of Relationships (month 10 / 14 lessons)
Course #11 – Living In The Grace Of Generosity (month 11 / 14 lessons)
Course #12 – Living For Eternity (month 12 / 21 lessons)

One course will be unlocked each month to ensure the best RESULTS!

“I love that simplebeliever is really so simple. I don’t think God intended his Word, his grace, his message to be difficult and yet so many times it is just that–difficult. I love that you take the members of SB back to the simplicity of it all, which shows the power of it.” — Sue Turner Erickson

Here is a preview of just one of the course –

Course #1 – Transformed By The Gospel

The Gospel is the reason why we RUN. The moment we lose sight of the Good news that Christ died and rose again for us to live a NEW life, we then partake and walk in our OLD one. The Gospel is the power to run this race. Embrace it and you win. Reject it and you lose.

You’ll learn…

  • Man’s Greatest problem and how it affects you!
  • What Salvation really is and why so many get it wrong.
  • 3 Incredible facts about Redemption.
  • The true Gospel and how it affects your life on a daily basis.
  • The 5 freedoms of the Cross.
  • The power of the blood and how to appropriate it in your life.
  • The purpose of the New covenant.
  • The 5 Commitments of a Soul Winner!
  • 10 Questions you can ask to KNOW if you are saved.

and much more…

Here’s An example of week #1 –

Take a look at what others have said…

“Justin has impacted my life in such an amazing way!  A few key things Justin has helped me with include renewing my mind, confessing God’s Word, witnessing, family worship, and the list could go on.  I am now able to see who I am in Christ.  Justin introduced me to family worship, a concept I had never heard of before.  He presented it in a way that I knew my family would benefit from and would be easy to follow.  We have been doing family worship for about two years and will continue to do so.  It has been a tremendous blessing and helped our family grow in Christ. If you want to grow spiritually and soar to greater heights and a deeper level, Justin will help get you there! Things just make sense when he explains it.  His messages are simple, empowering and life changing.  I highly recommend what he has to share and offer.”

Jayme Walker


“Encountering Justin Kane will leave you with a righteous jealousy of his walk with God…the man knows God! However, Justin’s desire is not for you to be enamored with Justin Kane, but for you to step into that place that God has for you. Justin has provoked and challenged me in my pursuit of God without condemning me. He knows how to take the ambiguity out of it, and bring it into the practical and the attainable. I have grown in memorizing and meditating on Scripture and in accessing the presence of God and answers from heaven with journaling and prayer. Hearing from God and intimacy with God has become necessity to me, not just a notion for God’s elite. If you want to get out of comfort zone Christianity and begin walking in the fullness of what God has intended for you, Simple Believer is for you!”

Amy Lambert


“Justin Kane has been a huge help to me in my walk as a believer. The benefits I’ve gotten from his teachings are life changing. His simplistic teaching style infused with wisdom of God is remarkable. More specifically, his report of “who you are In Christ” has challenged me to walk differently; demanding a huge perspective change in my mind. I would absolutely recommend his work to anyone who is serious about growing spiritually. If taken seriously, a better understanding of the Word of God and a New authority is certain!”

Isaiah Davis

But why WOULD you or even SHOULD you trust me to be a teacher to you?

Great question! And I have 3 GREAT reasons –

  1. I have been a student and have learned from some of greatest men of God! As I have freely been given, I want to give back.
  2. I know what it takes to GROW. There is a cost. The principles of growth are simple, but how to walk them out is certianly NOT easy!
  3. I CARE deeply about anyone who will allow me to HELP them. I am ALL IN!

I know for some who are still reading this may have a few questions –

Q #1 – Why should I invest $10 p/month in this program?

  • $10 dollars?  Yes, I know each penny counts, but honestly at the end of the day, other courses cost 10-20x more than simplebeliever. God gave me a mandate to make this affordable to the masses. I aim to do that. And plus this is the cheapest it will ever be!

Q #2 – Will it be EASY for me to navigate and apply to my life?

  • YES! YES! YES! Why? Becuase I, myself don’t undertand complicated things. I space out if somehting goes over my head. I follow one simple rule – K.I.S. “Keep It Simple”.

Q #3 – There are other courses out there that are free why pay for your program?

  • Yes there are, but there is not a program out there right now that is SYSTEMATIC. This program is meant to take you step by step, from faith to faith and glory to glory! Line upon line, precept upon precept. I designed it to ensure you get RESULTS not just more head knowledge.

Will you join today?

I hope you join! I really do. Because I know the heart, passion and time I have put into this program to ensure it was just right for you!

SO… Will you join the Simplebeliver community?

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